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Island Assault

60 min

A group of people have arrived on your island and have decided to take over the island and have declared a fight against you. In order to retain leadership on the island you have to fight and show who is in charge here. There is no chance to avoid the battle, there is nowhere to run, the only thing left is to fight team against team. Seize points, collect medical supplies and use a variety of weapons. Show who is a real boss here! You got an amazing chance that can't be missed! Being on an industrial island full of objects that you can hide behind you can't help yourself getting involved into the game because everything here is made specially for that!


Instead of relaxing on your own island, you got a bloody carnage with no chance to escape. Armed intruders invaded your island and declared a fight.

There is nowhere to run, the only way is to work up the courage and show strangers who is in charge.

You have an advantage - different types of weapons hidden on the island, shields and first-aid kits, that will help you to defend. Move around with the help of cranes and platforms, hide behind the sea containers, improve your skills of shooting and hiding, seize locations and show strangers who is in charge!

Protect your island in “every man for himself” or in “team vs team” mode.

Vibrating vests for total immersion, cartoon graphics, freedom of movement without wires and full-body tracking will help you.

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