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Safe night

Zombie shooter
60 min

The year is 2041. The world is in ruins after the nuclear war that ended several years ago. Radiation incinerated every living thing, turning most of the survivors into mutant monsters. Only a few have retained their mind, including your team, a group of tired and hungry travelers on their way to a military base, protected and free from radiation. In search of a shelter from irradiated pursuers, you got to the agreed point of evacuation.


Humanity is on the brink of extinction. After the nuclear war, most of the people turned into soulless zombies, devouring everyone in their path. Only scattered groups of frightened people found themselves out of the range of the explosions and escaped. Now they endlessly flee from the crowds of mutated monsters.

You are in one of the groups of people who have survived. Recently you heard about the existence of a military base, protected from zombies, which was cleared of radiation. Since then, you have been moving to the base, simultaneously robbing pharmacies and roadside shops and fighting off zombies.

You are at the last segment of the path, teeming with monsters. Rescuers should fly in for you from minute to minute, but zombies keep coming and coming ...

Whether you can reach the base depends only on your team. Full-body trekking, wireless movement around the arena and realistic graphics will help you.

About your adventure

The adventures in Another World are an inexhaustible source of fantastic sensations. We've put a lot of effort into creating a captivating atmosphere and exciting gameplay.

Our games will not leave anyone indifferent.