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60 min

The future of eSports has already arrived! Fight against your friends in the mode "every man for himself" or "team to team", improve your shooting and reaction skills, collect bonuses to become stronger, outwit opponents, feel the real heat of passions. Absolute wireless freedom of movement on the arena, full-body-tracking and nice cartoon graphics will not leave anyone indifferent!


Future of cybersport has come and there you are a cartoon hero with a gun blazing. Neon lights, cybernetic enemies and multilevel base with a freedom of movement - Shmooter has everything to have a blast.

Shoot robots in front of a fantastic urban landscape,move around the base through portals to look for weapons and enemies, dance around with a shield like no one is pointing their guns at you.

Shmooter — is a game where you will laugh in your enemies’ faces. Laugh and destroy them.

Kick your opponents’ asses in “every man for himself” mode or battle your friends in “team vs team” mode. Vibrating vests for total immersion, cartoon graphics, freedom of movement without wires and full-body tracking will help you.

About your adventure

The adventures in Another World are an inexhaustible source of fantastic sensations. We've put a lot of effort into creating a captivating atmosphere and exciting gameplay.

Our games will not leave anyone indifferent.